3,5 bar in line mounting fuel pump.

Fuel pump

Stainless steel exhaust system including 4 manifolds and a muffler that has been designed to compensate the two banks of the engine. The weight of the muffler is 4.5 kg. The system has been designed to be attached to the engine and placed either in the rear or in the front part, so it can be used both in the push or pull applications of the B22.

Exhaust system

Small dimension radiator designed to be installed easily under the B22.

Water radiator

The valve has been designed to work contemporarily on both the delivery or the return line of the fuel circuit. It has four  different positions (right tank, left tank, both right and left tanks, closed) .

Fuel selector valve

A wooden propeller with two blades fixed pitch for the B22R and the B22L for medium cruise speed aircraft. On request it is possible to order a wooden propeller with two blades for high performance aircraft (cruise speed >250 km/h) or for “slow” aircraft (cruise speed < 200 ).

Fixed pitch propellers

EH-m (Electrical Hub Module) simplify the installation of the electrical system. The module includes all of the fuses and power relays that are necessary to install as indicated in the installation manual of the engine. Two connectors on the power box make the installation of the electrical system much easier.


FD-m (Fuel Delivery Module) includes two fuel pumps, two fuel filters and hardware, mounted in a stainless steel fire resistant box; the module is equipped with an air intake. Using FD-m, the installation operation will be quick and simple. 

B22 radiatorerubinetto benzina doppio flusso 4 posizionirubinetto benzina doppio flusso 4 posizioniB22 iminato di scarico

Adapter for bed installation   

With the adapter it is possible to make a bed installation of the B22 AEROPOWER engine. The adapter is designed to use the same damper used for the wall mounting of the engine.

adattotore per montaggio a mensola per motori B22


If necessary there is a set of dampers with different stiffness 60sh and 80 sh. (the engine is supplied with 4  45sh dampers  and 4 70sh  dampers).

tampone antivibranti per motore B22




CC-m (Can To Can Module) permit to connect ECUs to an EFIS or EMS instrument, that is equipped with an CAN AEROSPACE protocol input interface. All engine data received or elaborated by ECUs are sent to digital instruments: RPM, 2 coolant temperatures, oil temperature, air temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, consumption, etc.


The MWfly reduction gear box has been designed to integrate an hydraulic system to control constant speed propeller. This system include an electronic unit with back lighted LCD and regulation knob; if required the system is provided to drive propeller with feathering. The total weight is less than 1 Kg.