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AG-m (Auxlilary Generator module)

The auxilary generator module has been designed for all applications in which the electrical load can be critical for the battery charge (like on drones with special equipment). The use of the AG-m is also indicated in case it is necessary to separate the engine electrical system from the aircraft electrical system. The module includes external generator (700W), fixing bracket, transmission belt, pulley and hardware (to fix to propeller flange). The total weight of this module is approximately 4Kg.

FD-m (Fuel Delivery module)

FD-m includes two fuel pumps, two fuel filters and hardware, mounted in a stainless steel fire resistant box; the module is equipped with an air intake. The installation operation of this module will be quick, simple and safe. The total weight of the module is 2.3Kg.

ES-m (Exhaust System module)

Stainless steel exhaust system including 4 manifolds and a muffler that has been designed to compensate for the two banks of the engine. The system has been designed to be attached to the engine and placed either in the rear or in the front part, so it can be used both in the push or pull applications. To satisfy different applications there are three different versions of the  ES-m: a standard version (single muffler rear back position), an advanced version (single muffler in middle position) and twin version (two mufflers, one for each side of the engine). The weight of the muffler is 4.5Kg; the weight of the exhaust pipes is appoximatrely 1.5Kg depending on the shape.

EH-m (Electric Hub module)

This unit has been designed to simplify the electrical system. The EH-m includes all of the fuses required for engine protection, the master relay (Bistable type), the capacitor and the fuel pump relay. In addition, the wiring harness to connect the EH-m to the engine, to the FD-m and to the cabin panel is also available. The weight of EH-m is 0.5Kg.

RC-m (Radiator Cooling module)

The RC-m includes the cooling radiator, silicone connection hoses, metallic hose clamp and fixing hardware. It is to be placed under the engine oil sump (ask for more details) and is available in two sizes; 1.5Kg or 2.2Kg.


EM-m (Engine Monitor module)

The EM-m is a user friendly 8” display, connected via a CAN line to the ECU’s. It shows all engine parameter status and alarms. It has an input for the shunt and generator lamp and an integrated data logger. The system can be upgraded with additional functions: Aircraft Monitoring System, propeller governor, CAN to CAN interface with CAN aerospace output, artificial horizon and HSI (see accesories documents for wiring diagram). The weight of this module is 1.2Kg.


CC-m (Can to Can module)

The CC-m is a CAN to CAN interface, that receives data from the CAN line of the two ECUs on the MWfly engine and transmits the data on a second CAN line using the CAN AEROSPACE protocol (see accessories documents for more detail and wiring diagram). The weight is approximately 100 grams.

RO-m (Oil Radiator module)

This kit includes the oil cooler, fixing bracket, oil rails, fittings and the under oil filter adapter. Usually an oil cooler is not necessary (ask for more details). The weight of the module is approximately 1.5Kg.

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