Jabiru 3300         B22L

                (120HP)        (130HP)     

Prop. Type           Fixed             Fixed

Climb(ftm):          900              1500

Vmax:                   105                120

Takeoff:                250                100

FF Kit: Available         

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Bushcaddy - R80


When I decided to replace my Jabiru 3300 engine I looked at many engines on the market.

I found the MWfly engine but I was apprehensive as it was still a new engine and were not a lot of them out in the field. But it was an impressive design so I researched it and found the design to be well thought out.

Price wise it compared to other engines in the market.

What really was impressive was how it was designed with components installed on the engine, like voltage regulator, starter solenoid, water expansion tank. So you did not have to drill holes and run wires and hoses from the firewall.

Installation was easy with pre-wired electrical and plug and play connections.  

The power and response from the engine after install was very impressive and I went from 200' take off to 100' at sea level, and a climb rate of 1500' per minute compared to the 600' per minute with the Jabiru 3300.

Cruise is 115 compared to the 100 I used to have.

I've had great response from the factory.

My biggest problem has not been anything to do with the engine but the cowling on the plane. The engine has run great and installation was so simple. When people look at the engine and installation they are always impressed with how clean the engine is.

This is the first MWfly engine in the US so the support network is still developing. If I needed any major work to be done to the engine there is a full service facility in Canada so I would not have to send it back to Italy.

Marin S.T.

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R80 with B25G-140HP  US

R80 with B22G-135HP  China