When I heard about  MWfly engines, all my friends at the local aeroclub told me to avoid a new engine that nobody knows and that only the real famous engines are dependeable and without problems.

So I decided to install the B22R130 HP.

I adapted the engine on my Savage Cub and I saw that the installation is quite easy.  All the important parts are on the engine and that means no holes on the firewall except for the wiring and the fuel system.

Removing the engine tooak me one hour and one and a half to reinstall.

The water cooling system is easy to  purge and also in hot condition the engine temperature is quite normal.

I had tested the B22R in really severe conditions during the summer with high temperature and high humidity without  having problems.

The fuel consumption is in accordance with the MWfly manual and it is the same asf my previous engine that had less HP.

During the flight I had less vibration than the previous engine and the climb rate (really important for me) is 1400/500 ft, 600 ft more than before.

The cruise speed is increased of 30 km  and now I have 160km  instead of 130.

I’ m also satisfied with the MWfly technical support.

All my questions and  problems have been solved quickly and I've never felt alone.

Nicola C.


               Rotax 912            B22L

                (100HP)           (130HP)     

Prop. Type         Fixed                Fixed

Climb(ftm):          800                 1400

Vmax:                  180                   200

Cruise Speed:     130                   150

FF Kit: Available

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Savage cub with B22G-135HP  ITALY