Flyinglegend - Tucano Replica

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When I decided to buy a TUCANO REPLICA I needed more power than the classical Rotax 912 or even 914 and I did not want to install any kind of additional expensive third party turbo to increase the power of a normal Rotax.

I also wanted to try something new as I personally consider that General Aviation and Sport Aviation is too conservative and slow in accepting new developments and improvements.

It goes without saying that most of my pilot colleagues tried to dissuade me from buying anything different from Rotax, this was the final trigger to buy MWfly.

I personally follow all types of maintenance and technical improvements on my plane and I consider myself an experienced technician (even if my professional background is Finance).

Here is what I think :


1)   Installation:

Extremely easy. I have made a number of improvements on my TUCANO and I had to remove and reinstall the engine myself. In few hours of work it was all done. Manuals are well done and easy to follow and understand. One small disadvantage compared to some other competitors is the width of the two heads.


2)   Mantainance :

For normal maintenance it is as easy as on Rotax for a much more sophisticated engine. Extraordinary maintenance is extremely easy as well and the engine is well studied. I personally changed the GearBox for some experiments made in accordance with MWfly to optimize propellers and I found it extremely easy to operate on the engine.


3)   Robustness :

All engine parts are manufactured at the highest standards, as I have been able to witness. As far as I can understand there has also been some new improvements on new products, thanks to the experience made and the improvements are noticeable.

Having a full liquid cooled engine avoids a number of risks as long as the position and dimension of the radiator is well suited by the aircraft builder.


4)   Propellers :

Being a new product there is very little experience done with different propellers and this has been the sole and main issue I had at the beginning, especially because I needed a Variable Pitch propeller. We are working at the moment with Mwfly to test a number of propellers to develop a case history for future customers. Even though it is not a direct problem of Mwfly, it is an issue as customers are buying an engine and a propeller and cannot afford to by tens of propellers to make tests.  The high Torque and Power of the engine require a lot of attention given to the quality of the HUB and Blades. You cannot mount any type of propellers and certainly not one fitted for the “small” Rotax’s. MWfly has already made a number of experiences on this issue and have been quite supportive.


5)   Service :

Excellent service delivered by the headquarters. I personally live close by and they are fast and reactive. To improve the performance of my aircraft I received full support from MWfly in the quest for the right propeller and different number of tests.

Nevertheless, I believe more effort should be done in developing service centres, few but of high level, in order to better assist less experienced pilots in facing conservative prejudices.


6)   Performance :

You cannot judge an Aircraft Engine without considering the pair Engine/Propeller. A bad propeller on a good engine will not fly you far and fast. After a number of different tests we are finally arriving to an optimization and the engine is behaving very well. Power and torque are there for real and you can feel it, especially if you compare it to any Rotax or Jabiru. There is absolutely no possible comparison with “classical engines”, once you fly with a more powerful MWfly you are unable to go back to the Rotax’s.

I have already done 45 hours of flight since first installation and the engine works well and I am more than convinced that if I had installed another “classical engine” I would not have had the same performance. My Tucano is certainly flying better that those mounting a Rotax.


Luigi F.