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MWfly is happy to announce that the International competition will take place.

MWfly has made a few changes with the intent to award one of 2018’s new clients.

First of all we have renamed the competition, it is now “2018 MWfly International Competition” and it will be open to all clients who buy a new engine for a new application and take delivery by the beginning of September 2018.

Only those clients that have pre-registered for the competition will have the opportunity to buy the engine at the price indicated in the pre-registration form and, if they win, they we get a full refund of the engine cost. All other 2018 clients must complete the information page at the end of the Competition Rules document. These clients will buy the engine based on the price list and, if they win the competition, they will be refunded the amount indicated in Art. 8 of the rules.




Competition Map