MWfly offers a preliminary test flight, quality pre and post sales service, continuous training and the opportunity to visit the facility, participate in the assembly of the engine, and verify its qualities on the test bench.

MWfly invites pilots to share their passions, their flying experiences, to participate in flight rallies and to be our best ambassadors.

MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA
MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA


MWfly offers the opportunity to follow training courses in order to obtain an authorized mechanic certificate, the opportunity to participate in refresher courses both on-site and on-line, and continuous coaching in the performance of their professional activities.



MWfly offers quality service, compliance with deadlines, support for all technical and engineering aspects, training courses and technical updates.

MWfly supports companies in the preliminary test phases and has the skills to customize the engine according to the needs of the customer.

MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA
MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA

Start ups

MWFLY has consolidated various experiences with companies in the start-up phase by providing a team made up of young and dynamic people, highly qualified and with specific sector skills, driven by a constant desire for innovation and discovery. We are capable of generating that flow of interaction and the constant exchange of information and we are able to create projects that enhance their aircrafts.


MWfly has always interacted with universities and in particular with the Politecnico di Milano which is a strategic partner in the European innovation projects for mechanics and the green economy.

MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA
MW FLY motori aeronautici per LSA

Research & Development

MWfly has consolidated a long experience by supporting companies in the aeronautical sector, providing design and experimentation skills, also gained in the motor sport and industrial sectors.

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